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Transfer & Posting

S.No. Name Designation From To
1 Sh Sunil Malik Joint Director Hqrs. Bangalore, Karnataka as State Director
2 Sh Sahib Singh Deputy Director Manipur Haryana as State Director (I/C)
3 Sh J S Kooner State Director Haryana Nagaland as State Director and to hold Additional Charge of SD Arunachal Pradesh
4 Sh Triloki Nath Mishra Dy Director Assam  Madhya Pradesh as State Director (I/C)
5 Sh Inkhuanguang State Director Assam Meghalaya as State Director and will also hold additional Charge of Assam
6 Sh Uttamjot Singh   Dy Director NYK Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh Punjab as State Director (i/c)
7 Sh Uday Prakash Singh Dy Director NYK Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh Hqrs, New Delhi as Dy Director
8 Sh S N Sharma   State Director Punjab Hqrs, New Delhi as Joint Director
9 Sh S P Pattnaik   State Director Jharkhand Hqrs. New Delhi as Joint Director
10 Smt. Jackie Ruivah   Dy Director Nagaland Manipur as State Director (I/C)
11 Smt Rita Bhagat   Dy Director Odisha State Director (I/C), Jharkhand
12 Sh Bimal Patric Shah   Dy Director Jharkhand Odisha as Dy Director
13 Kumari Jyotsana Dy Director NYK, Gazipur, Uttar Pradesh Bihar as State Director (I/C)
14 Sh Anil Kumar Kaushik State Director Bihar Gujarat as State Director
15 Sh Shyam Singh Rajpurohit Dy Director Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat Rajasthan as State Director(I/C)
16 Sh Avijit Bose Dy Director NYK, Kendrapara Bhubneswar, Odisha as State Director (I/C)
17 Sh Sukhdev Singh Dy Director Jammu & Kashmir Himachal Pradesh as State Director (I/C)
18 Sh S S Kashyap Dy Director NYK, Jammu Jammu & Kashmir as State Director(I/C)
19 Sh S Satheese State Director (I/C) Tamil Nadu He will hold the additional Charge of Kerala as State Director (I/C)
20 Sh Syed Ali Dy Director Chhattisgarh Mizoram as State Director (I/C)
21 Sh Nabin Kumar Naik Dy Director Sikkim West Bengal as State Director (I/C)
22 Sh Shiv Dev Sharma District Youth Coordinator NYK Bulandshahar, Uttar Pradesh NYK Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
23 Sh Farmood Akhtar Accounts Clerk cum Typist Hqrs, New Delhi NYK Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh